Pain Recovery Coaching has changed my life from decades of suffering with pain, fatigue, and many other symptoms, to being mostly pain-free, and living an empowered, fulfilling life. Working with my TMS coach helped me to retrain my brain to feel safe, which has resulted in much less pain, and I am confident it can help you too. I am no longer afraid of my pain and can stop the fear/pain/fear cycle in its tracks. When in a little pain, I can now access the pain/no fear/no pain cycle just as easily. TMS coaching is about getting support in helping you to tweak your perspective, from fear to safety. It’s about helping your brain to feel safe breaking the pain habit.

How Can Pain Recovery Coaching Help You?

Pain coaching is about gently and compassionately helping you to get back to a state of resilience, a state of peace and calm where you are feeling safe in the world again, and where your default starts to become more resilience and less hypervigilance. As we go through this process together and you begin to feel safer in the world, TMS starts to take a back seat in your life. It’s no longer the focus. Getting your wants and needs met now becomes your focus. You will no longer live your life like others want you to live it, you will begin to live your life how YOU want to live it. You will look forward to your pain-free days, feel free, and start living the happy life you were meant to live.

What Does a Pain Recovery Coaching Session Entail?

  1. Education is a big part of pain coaching. When we understand where our pain is coming from, and that the brain is just making a mistake, we begin to feel safer. We will talk about Neuroplasticity, and how the brain can change. How the brain can unlearn the pain habit.
  2. Self-care is a large part of healing. Learning to tame the critical voice and put yourself first is key.
  3. We will use Somatic Tracking to help you understand how to attend to yourself and your pain through a lens of safety, instead of seeing pain as dangerous.
  4. We will discuss and reframe other threats in your life, or other fears that are keeping you in a state of hypervigilance, and learn how to bring down your overall intensity.
  5. We will begin to focus on things that make you happy and fulfilled in your life, gravitating to positive feelings, with the rational brain in charge now, and the fear brain taking a back seat in your life.

TMS and Fight/Flight vs. Resiliency

During childhood many of us learned for many different reasons that life was unsafe. We learned, from no fault of our own to live in fight or flight, which is a stressful way to live. The only time we need to be in fight or flight is when there is a true 911 danger. A car pulls out in front of us, we go into fight or flight, and when the danger is past, we return to a state of resilience.

We go through a breakup, divorce, we get fired from our job, we lose a loved one, etc…and we go in fight or flight for a short time to help us through it, but we get back on track with our lives, we start to feel safe again, and we again return to a state of resilience.

But in the case of TMS we have trouble getting back to a state of resilience. I lived most of my life in a hypervigilant state which eventually led to chronic pain. Working with my TMS coach helped me to bring down my intensity.

TMS and Emotions

Sometimes pain is the result of unexpressed emotions. My job is to help you find out if this could be the case for you. Journaling is a big part of this process.

You can read my post about emotions here, where I compare them to monsters hiding under the bed.

I understand how difficult it is to live in pain. It makes life so much harder than it has to be. As I said earlier, pain coaching has changed my life and it’s better than it ever was before the pain. I am certain it can help you too. You don’t have to remain stuck, and in pain. Together, we can break the fear/pain/fear cycle and help you live the life you deserve.

You can email Stacey at s[email protected] for Coaching, or call or text (303)250-4275.

You can read about Stacey’s journey through chronic pain here.

Pricing For Pain Recovery Coaching


$80/50-Minute Session

$50/30-Minute Session